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About The Company

I have been selling Mopar parts since the 80’s locally. For the past 20 years I have been attending shows from across North America increasing our presents across this great continent.  Now, we are a leading OEM manufacturer of Mopar reproduction parts.  The company, Tommy The Chryco Inc,  specializes in re-manufacturing shaker kit’s for Chrysler’s ‘Cuda and Challenger as well as  Cuda elastomeric bumpers.

We are also in the process of developing front and rear bumpers for the 71 Roadrunner which includes the “eyebrow”.  Other services also include refurbishing of exterior parts, such as grills, bubbles and trim. Our expert team are always accessing the manufacturing sector to provide you, our customer with constant, improved and new products and services. 

With our solid reputation as manufacturing the highest quality and accurate products on the market, our vision is to continuously expand to meet the demand in the restoration automotive markets. With 40 years of experience, we are here to answer any technical questions you may have  to lead you to the best possible decision.

We strive to ensure that we meet our customers needs/expectation, so if your a hobbyist or restoration company let us know about our products and services, in what we can do better. Remember,  we are here for you!

We are proud to say, we have customers world wide and appreciate everyone’s commitment to this great hobby.


To manufacturer the most accurate and authentic shaker systems and exterior components for the market.

About The Name

The term was first used by Chrysler in the 1920s and was introduced as a brand starting in 1937. Mopar parts are original equipment manufactured parts for Chrysler vehicles. The term “Mopar” has passed into broader usage among car enthusiasts as an unambiguous reference to the parent company Chrysler Group LLC.

In Canada, these were sold under the Chryco Parts ( Chrysler Company) and AutoPar brands until the Mopar brand was phased into that nation’s market, starting in the late 1970s. Fast forward and Tommy The Chryco Inc, was formed. 



TTC is pleased to announce the purchase of the entire inventory of automotive paint from ALL TRIM.  

ALL TRIM, has had the extraordinary reputation of providing the correct and most authentic paint from PPG. This paint was used extensively by Chrysler during the 1960’s and 1970’s  muscle car era.

The purchase of this last remaining Paint available is in limited supply as acrylic enamel has been discontinued for some time now.

In combination with our Brand , we intend to utilize these paints beyond our Shaker bubbles.  We can now service your centre caps, grills, rear trim, tail panels, hood inserts, etc.

We are very excited to bring you the best available parts to the market along with the most authentic and correct automotive paint!


Alambra Custom Service – E-Body division

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Alambra Custom Service – E-Body division from Founder and CEO Gene Gregory who wholly owned the company. All existing shares and assets have been wholly absorbed under TommyTheChryco Inc. components  of the company will still be produced in the U.S.A, the company will be expanding the product line to include complete shaker Kits, along with painted shaker bubbles in Argent Silver or Textured Satin Black! These bubbles/bonnets are the best on the market bar none! Including the 2×4 Hemi base-plates , 440-6 pack, 340, 383 and 440 baseplates.  The company also produces the grills, bubble, adapter rings, air doors, cables, seals, stickers and all hardware to go with the shaker kit.

The elastomeric bumpers will be produced throughout the year. The company now offers elastomeric bumpers for the 1971 Roadrunner and eye brow. aka beak! We are also considering the 1971 Challenger, which will depend on demand for the bumper. So call us with your wish list! 1 866 – 893-2547


Carlo Rinomato Jr. Programmer & Marketing


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