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About Tommy The Chryco

The Best Quality Performance Parts Since 2010

Specializing the quality Chrysler performance parts, Tommy has been refurbishing, rebuilding, and installing aftermarket performance parts on these classic cars for 35 years.

As a registered appraiser, he can help you determine fair market value of a vehicle, projected project value, and conduct pre-buy inspections.

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For the past 35 years I have participated in trade shows across North America increasing our presence across the US and Canada.  Now, we are a leading OEM manufacturer of Mopar reproduction parts.  The company, Tommy The Chryco Inc,  specializes in manufacturing shaker kits for  ‘Cuda and Challenger as well as elastomeric bumpers for Cuda, Roadrunners and Charger/Superbee’s. We also manufacture the ’71 Roadrunner “eyebrow” and rear window louvers for both E/B- body casrs.

Our expert team is always working with multiple manufactures to provide you, our customer with new and constantly improving products and services. 

We have a solid reputation for manufacturing the highest quality and OEM accurate products on the market; we strive to ensure that we meet or exceed customer needs and expectations. If you’re a hobbyist or restoration company let us know about your experience with our products and services, and what we can do better. Remember, we are here for you!

We are proud to say, we have customers world wide and appreciate everyone’s commitment to this great hobby.

Thank you everyone for your years of loyality.

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